Garden-Rules of Conduct

St. John Community Garden Rules of Conduct


1.  The garden is open from dawn until dusk. No gardening after dark.

2.  Pets are not permitted in the garden plot area. 

3.  Family gardeners are welcome in the garden site. For liability reasons, the playground is not available. Remind children to respect the other gardeners and their plots.

4.  Conserve water. Rain barrels are filled once each week. To distribute water fairly among all gardeners, use no more than 15 gallons of water per 4x8 foot plot per week. The use of organic mulch (leaves, grass clippings) to reduce evaporation is recommended.

5.  Harvest your crops when ripe. Remove fruit that is rotting or has fallen onto the dirt to prevent pests and disease. If you cannot use your crops, they are welcome at the Forest Park Food Pantry.

6.  Be considerate of your neighbors. Tall crops should not interfere with your neighbor’s plot.  Vine crops must stay within your plot. Harvest only your assigned plot.

7.  No trees, excessively large, or illegal plants may be planted.

8.  Each gardener is responsible for disposal of trash. Please tidy up your plot area and the common areas between the plots. Dispose of trash in the dumpsters.

9.  Keep plots clean and free of weeds. Plots are inspected regularly using the Garden Plot Maintenance checklist. Unmaintained plots risk forfeiture of the plot and deposit.

10. Please notify the Garden Coordinators if you are no longer able to tend your plot. When on extended vacation, please make appropriate plans for the maintenance of your garden.

11. Use only organic nutrients and pest controls in the garden. When in doubt about a product or method, check with the Garden Coordinators.

12. Respect other gardeners and their plots. Limit your gardening efforts to your own plot unless you have the specific permission from the assigned gardener. If you see another gardener is having difficulty maintaining their plot, contact the Garden Coordinators.

13. Park on the south side of Washington Street, around the corner on Circle Avenue, or in the St. John gravel parking lot just east of the garden. Blocking the alley poses a serious safety risk. Please walk your bikes while in the garden area. Overnight parking is not available.

14. Each gardener must clear his or her assigned plot of inorganic materials and perennial plants before November 9. Deposits will be returned to gardeners after the plots have been approved by the Garden Coordinators. Please be sure to secure your garden tools and gadgets at your home.

15. Theft or destruction of the property of other gardeners, their guests, or of the garden or any other crime should immediately be reported to the police by calling 911 and then reported to the Garden Coordinators.

16. SMOKING, ALCOHOL and ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES are not permitted anywhere in the garden.


Honoring these rules helps everyone have an enjoyable and productive garden.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in a loss of current and future gardening privileges.

Safety Tips

• DON’T bring your purse to the garden.SJ Community Garden Logo

• DO keep your cell phone with you.

• DO be aware of your surroundings. If you feel threatened,

   call 911 immediately.

• DO keep your belongings close to you at all times

• TRY to use a buddy system when gardening or coordinate with a fellow gardener to set up a time to meet at the garden together.


Last Published: March 28, 2019 4:39 PM
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