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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time per week will I need to spend at my garden plot(s)?  To properly care for your garden plot, plan to spend an average of 3 hours per week at the garden. You should visit your garden at least once a week to water, weed, and harvest your garden. Gardeners typically make two or three trips to the garden each week. 

 What size are the garden plots?  Garden plots consist of one 4’x8’ raised bed garden plot. Half plots may also be available, and several gardeners may share a plot.  Gardeners are assigned only one plot during their first year with the garden up to two plots (if available) in subsequent years. No family may garden more than two plots. Plots must be regularly maintained in accordance with the Plot Maintenance Checklist provided with this agreement. Specific plots are assigned by the Garden Coordinators.

What type of water hook-up is available in the garden?  Water is supplied via rain barrels which are filled on a weekly basis. This water is shared by all gardeners. Please use water responsibly so that there is enough for all the gardens. We anticipate that watering cans may be the best way to transport water from the barrels to the garden. 

What kind of nutrients and pest controls may I use?  Many gardeners today are committed to environmental sustainability and intend to have organic gardens. To achieve this goal, gardeners should avoid the use of synthetic plant foods, insecticides and herbicides. There are other ways to add fertility and deal with unwanted insect pests and weeds, including “certified organic” products as well as general good gardening methods.  If you have questions, contact the Garden Coordinators. Additional tips can be found on the Community Garden page on St. John’s web site This site also has links to other community garden web sites and other gardening resources.

Are restrooms available?  As we operate a school and day care, the restrooms are not available for gardeners.

Where can I park? There may be limited street parking in front of the garden on Washington Street (south side only) or around the corner on Circle Ave. Parking in the alley adjacent to the garden is not permitted and result in a parking fines issued by Forest Park officials. There is no overnight parking in the lots or on the street.

I have more produce than I can use.  Can I donate it?  The Forest Park Food Pantry accepts donations of fresh, firm produce.  Check the Community Garden page on St. John’s website or contact the Garden Coordinators for additional information.

Who are the Garden Coordinators and what are their responsibilities? The Garden Coordinators are appointed by St. John Lutheran Church and are in charge of all issues related to running the garden including garden plot inspections. Gardeners may contact the Garden Coordinators to address non-emergency situations.

What happens if I do not honor the garden rules?  The Gardener Agreement lists rules that all our gardeners agree to honor. Failure to do so may result in verbal warnings or written warnings, and may require forfeiture of your garden plot and deposit.

Under what circumstances should I call 911? If you ever feel threatened, ever witness or are a victim of a crime, including harassment, call 911 immediately. While spending time at the garden, please be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings on your person or within arm’s reach. We strongly discourage gardeners from bringing items of value to the garden such as purses or expensive electronic equipment.

If I see that my friend’s garden plot needs water, should I do them a favor and water it for them?  Never water plots that are not yours, unless you have a specific agreement with another gardener to water their plants for them. Watering other people’s plots without their knowledge can lead to overwatering, wastes water, and can lead to a variety of disease problems.

What should I do if I notice that another gardener’s plot is not being tended properly?  Our community garden is made up of gardeners of all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Our gardeners may also have different opinions about what is and isn’t proper garden care. Sometimes you may notice garden plots that appear to be messy, or otherwise improperly cared for. Limit your gardening efforts to your own plot, unless you have specific permission from the other gardener. If you are concerned, contact the Garden Coordinators.

I’m moving.  How do I get my security deposit back?  You may voluntarily withdraw from the garden at any time, by notifying the Garden Coordinators. They will let you know what you will need to do to completely clear your garden plot, or if it can be reassigned as is. Make sure we have a current address, as your security deposit will be mailed to you within two weeks.


Last Published: May 13, 2019 9:38 AM
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