Garden-Plot Maintenance Checklist


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Garden Plot Maintenance Checklist

This checklist outlines gardener responsibilities. The community garden coordinators conduct weekly inspections of the gardens during the growing season.


Is your plot clean?

c    Remove all trash resulting from your plot or within your plot.

c    Ensure no plants creep into the pathways between the plots.

c    Remove all containers, stools, crates, or any other garden supply from your plot and walkway area outside your plot.

c    Weed your garden plot regularly and do not allow weeds to go to seed.

 Are your plants healthy?

c    Remove any dead or diseased plant material from your plot.

c    Address pest problems as soon as you notice them. If you are unable to bring the problem under control, remove the plant so as not to spread pests and diseases to other gardeners.

c    Water your plants at least once a week and no more than three times a week.  Please stay within the limit of 15 gallons of rain barrel water per week so water is available for all garden plots.

 Are you harvesting your crops on time?

c    Do not leave over-ripe fruit on the vine. Keep a close eye on your plants and anticipate when crops will be ready for harvest.

c    Remove any fruit that has fallen to the ground. Crops sitting on the soil will quickly rot, potentially causing disease and attracting rodents.

c    If you have summer vacation plans, notify the Garden Coordinators in advance and make arrangements to care for your plot.

c    If you cannot use all of your crop, the Garden Coordinators can assist you in donating food to the Forest Park Food Pantry.  Please only donate fresh, firm produce.



Last Published: August 7, 2015 10:21 AM
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